Tentative Agreement Reached on Our First Union Contract!

The Tufts Full-Time Lecturers Union Bargaining Committee is pleased to report that on Friday, May 13 we reached agreement on the framework of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with Tufts’ administration. This event was the culmination of months of work by members of the Bargaining Committee, SEIU 509 representatives, and prior to that, the organizers of the Union election. You all have played a role by giving voice to your needs and concerns as a Lecturer at Tufts on issues that are important to us and to life on campus. Thank you for your time and effort!

Meetings originally scheduled for May 18th/19th have been canceled, and a new meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 31 (time & location TBA). On that day (5/31) we will review the final language of the CBA and begin voting to ratify it in the afternoon. Wednesday June 1st (time & location TBA) will be reserved for voting on campus as well. Please mark your calendar accordingly and we’ll update you by email with details. Online voting will be made available after those dates. The complete agreement will be posted online by 6/1, and will also be available in hard copy at the voting site.

In addition to the good news above, we wanted to describe in brief the major terms of the CBA while we wait for the legal language of the agreement to be drafted (please read on below). This is a three-year agreement that would begin September 1, 2016.



Salary (all lecturers — about 100 of us)

Year 1 (AY 2016/17)

  • if salary <$57K, a raise of 2.3% + $2000
  • if salary $57-$75K, a raise of 2.3% + $1500
  • if salary >$75K, a raise of 2.3% + $1000

Year 2 (AY 2017/18)

  • raise of merit % + an amount from a $75K equity & excellence pool
  • these funds will be distributed by a committee of lecturers and deans

Year 3 (AY 2018/19)

  • raise of merit % + an amount from a $75K equity & excellence pool
  • these funds will be distributed by a committee of lecturers and deans

Salary (current Senior Lecturers)

  • $3500 additional raise in Year 1

Contract Sequence & Length:

  • Lecturer 1-1-2-3-3-3…repeating (years, in sequence)
  • Senior Lecturer 5 year contracts
  • Fair contract renewal evaluation & reappointment process


  • A Full-Time Lecturer may apply to become Sr. Lecturer in their 7th year of service to Tufts
  • Lecturer will receive $3500 raise upon obtaining Sr. Lecturer rank
  • Part-time Lecturer experience at Tufts will count 2:1 toward promotion timeline
  • Current Tufts Lecturers will receive credit toward promotion for up to two years of full-time teaching at other institutions
  • Prior full-time teaching experience at other 4-year institutions may be counted toward promotion timeline of future hires
  • Standardized and fair Senior Lecturer evaluation/promotion process

Professional Development Funds

  • $750 made available each year for each Senior Lecturer
  • All Lecturers can apply for up to $650 each year from a pool of $30K

Paid Professional Development Leave

  • 3 Paid Professional Development Leaves for Senior Lecturers for one semester each year at full pay


  • Will be reopened after the results of the faculty workload task force are made clear
  • In the interim, there is an agreement to “do no harm” in any modifications to Lecturer workload

Grievance & Arbitration

  • Our agreement establishes formal procedures for grievances and arbitration should conflicts arise.

If you have questions regarding the draft CBA, please contact one of the members of the bargaining committee below. We look forward to seeing you again and reconnecting as this part of the process comes to fruition!

For the Bargaining Committee,

Michelle Gaudette, David Proctor, Penn Loh and Jacob Benner