About Us

Faculty Forward: On Campus


In September 2013, part-time lecturers at Tufts University were the first Boston-area faculty to form a union through SEIU’s AdjunctAction/FacultyForward campaign. Less than a year later, we settled our first union contract with the Administration — making groundbreaking progress in job stability, increasing per-course compensation and building new pathways to professional development.

Now, full-time faculty are ready to make a change. Non-tenure track lecturers from departments across campus are coming together to build our union and join the national movement to create a better future for higher education.

Together as one Tufts community, we are fighting for the stability, fair pay, and benefits needed to help our families – and our students – succeed.


Faculty Forward: Across the Nation


Faculty Forward and Adjunct Action are campaigns that unite non-tenure track professors at campuses across the country to address the crisis in higher education – and the troubling trend toward a marginalized teaching faculty that endangers our profession.

At most colleges and universities, contingent faculty are a majority of all teaching population, yet they still face low levels of compensation, no benefits, lack of institutional support for research and scholarship, and exclu­sion from the governance of our institutions. At the same time, our institutions have shifted resources from instruction to administration, funded by quickly rising tuition, resulting in record levels of student debt. By coming together to form a union, faculty have the power to do something about this by building a market-wide movement to raise standards for faculty and students alike.

Faculty Forward and Adjunct Action are projects of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and home to over 23,000 unionized faculty. Together, we have won improvements in pay, job security, evaluation processes and access to retirement benefits. In Massachusetts, more than 3,200 part- and full-time faculty are represented by SEIU Local 509 at Boston University, Bentley, Tufts, Northeastern and Lesley – and we are growing with each passing day.